Named after Ukrainian nomads, Scythian (sith-ee- yin) plays roots music from Celtic, Eastern European and Appalachian traditions with thunderous energy, technical prowess, and storytelling songwriting, beckoning crowds into a barn-dance, rock concert experience. Founded almost a decade ago by two classically trained brothers, Alexander and Danylo Fedoryka, Nashville’s Music City Roots says Scythian is ‘what happens when rock star charisma meets Celtic dervish fiddling’, and the Washington Post dubbed them "DC's most energetic and eclectic band" and said “Scythian’s enthusiasm is contagious, and shows seem to end with everyone dancing, jumping around or hoisting glasses.”

Brushfire Stankgrass

Asheville’s Brushfire Stankgrass is now one of the most well established bands in Southern Appalachia, with a tenure of 15 years making original music. Their music showcases an authentic fusion style, in keeping with the tradition of intriguing, real, and innovative music that has always emanated from the mountains of North Carolina. With a dynamic live show, two award-winning albums, and a plethora of live material on the web, Stankgrass blends the traditional with the modern to create a whole lot of foot stompin’ fun.

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